What is unique about Glam?

We assist businesses with marketing, branding, social media marketing, creating and maintaining email lists, and bringing their business idea to life.  With the right resources, training and skills, we guarantee you will leave with a great brand and plan of where to start with your business. Our track record is 7 years long and we take pride in making every brand one to remember.


Meet our Founder

DaVina is the founder of Branded by Glam. She has been creating websites and branding graphics for 7 years and with an amazing track record, she has always accomplished the goal of making the clients happy. Her style has always been glam, but she is versatile with creating sites for men and women. With her ambition and brains, she works very hard on maintaining a brand that will send a network of referrals by past clients. She is always eager to learn new material and focuses on what she can do better to improve her work ethic. When you book with Glam, you will work directly with DaVina and she will make sure that you are well taken care of with the knowledge, tools and resources to get your brand started. 

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