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There’s never been a better time to make a podcast! Podcasts are soaring in popularity, and this is a great way to talk about your expertise and gain the trust of so many people worldwide! Starting a podcast isn't hard and we're here to help get you going!

Why is starting a Podcast important?

There are currently over 90 million people worldwide listening to podcasts and right now would be the best time get finally get yours going. Many people listen to podcasts because it's easy to tune in to Apple Podcasts while running on the treadmill or even while you're at work. As long as you have a topic the people can relate to and you have great talking points to engage and interact with your audience, you will have a successful podcast.

Should You Consider Hiring for starting a Podcast?

With our podcast services, you will work with an expert who is dedicated to helping you come up with a strategy and brand your podcast. This person will assess your ideas and work with you to bring your podcast to reality. Our company can help you create a strategy plan, branding, build your website, and get your podcast launched on the platforms, such as; Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Pandora, etc.. and we assist to develop other assets for you to drive your podcast audience. 

Here are a few things we do to help our clients build their podcast (not the entire list): 

  • Podcast Strategy and Plan

  • Target Audience Research

  • Launch on Major Platforms (Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Pandora, Google Play, etc...)

  • Branding the Podcast

  • Website Design

  • & More 

Our Podcast Portfolio

Starting a Podcast Process

 Tell Us More About Your Podcast.

The first step in our process is for you to complete a consultation, so we can understand your podcast ideas. In the consultation, you will be able to tell us about your overall vision for your podcast. Most importantly, you will be able to share your aspirations for your brand and illustrate any examples of existing podcasts you like. 


Podcast Expert Works On Initial Strategy.

After our initial conversation, we begin to work on your branding and strategy plan. We will make sure that you choose the best hosting platform for your podcast and that it distributes the podcast to the right platforms. During this process, we will work with you on creating the episode layouts to keep the information and episodes generically the same. We can’t build your podcast without your help, so you should expect constant dialogue. This way we can ensure that we are headed in the right direction with your initial ideas.

Review Rough Drafts (Editing Process). 

We hope that we nail everything you are looking for on the first plan. However, if we don’t then don’t panic. We can make changes and edit anything that we need to. It’s important that you give us your raw, honest and true feedback. This helps us to get closer to meeting hitting your overall vision. It’s important that everyone thinks through all possible scenarios to produce the best possible outcome.  

Build A Podcast  That You Love.  

After making edits, we send the podcast to be approved on major platforms. This process may take up to a week, depending on if there is a rejection due to the podcast platform rules. We will continue to work with them until the podcast is launched on the platforms. We then will show you how to create your episodes and upload them to the platforms. 


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