Starting a Business

Let's talk about starting a business.

Sometimes the thought of starting a business is scary. You overthink the business and then you scare yourself away from actually starting. I am here to say ME TOO!

You're not alone, but there is a time where we have to realize this and notice our fears and fight through them. The end results are totally worth it.

Starting a business takes finding out what you want to offer, wether its services or products. Then you want to figure out your niche to target a specified audience. Once you have figured those out, you can begin to research and plan your business strategy. Its very important to figure out your niche, because you will want to offer products or services that are geared for that type of person. You will want to make sure the price range fits their budget, to where you'll get continued sales!

Do your research... Starting a business isn't just you wake up one day and want to start a business. You have to do your research to create a business that is worth purchasing from a consumer stand point and a business that people talk about to refer their friends and family.

Check out this free E-Book on starting a business. It comes with a checklist and information on what you need to get started and even the legal aspects of starting a business.

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Start with figuring out what type of branding you'd like that will appeal to your targeted audience. Get a logo created with a specific color scheme and font that you will use throughout the brand. Hire someone that can create your flyers, marketing content and website. Keep the same color scheme, theme of content (such as pictures) and fonts, throughout all of the content you create for the business brand.

For instance, Glam Marketing is a glamorous brand for entrepreneurs that are from the age of 18-45 who live in the United States and love a professional but glam look for their business. With this information, I am able to create content and branding graphics that will appeal to that type of audience that will be more likely to purchase from me. This brand has a specific look, marketing content and branding that my past clients will know its Glam and a new client would love it.

Hire you a branding strategist (myself as well) that can help you create a brand and content that you'll be able to use.

So... Do your research with seeing what other brands, that have a similar niche as you do, are doing and what type of information, products or services they are putting out there. Now I don't mean to steal their ideas and content. But write down each idea that you get from a brand and incorporate that idea into your brand but make it specifically for yours.

Once you do your research on the competition and branding, its time to make the brand legal with getting a business license, LLC (if that is the route you're going), sellers permit (if you're selling items from wholesale vendors), register your business name, and make sure your brand is properly trademarked (if you prefer to, its not required but it is recommended).

After all of the legalities are completed, its time to start to market your business and let the world know about your brand. Starting off, its okay to market to your family and friends. If they support you, they will help your business get noticed by a consumer base they have reach to that you may not. But... Keep in mind that you do not want to stop there. If you do, you will be limited to the amount of sales and support you do receive.

We have to exercise more than just family and friends promotions with creating marketing ads and content to setup sponsor ads on social media and Google ads, creating print marketing (yes print marketing is still effective in 2020) to pass out and network with, attend networking events where you can network with other professionals and potential clients. Sponsor events and setup vendor tables at events. Also, collaborate with other professionals.

There are many ways to market your brand to get it in front of an audience to gain their support and sales. I created an E-Book that talks about the many ways that you can market your business. Click here to get the E-Book.

Once you figure out the best ways to market your business, its time to put the plan to work and get out there and promote your brand. By doing this will take consistency, hard work and dedication, some bumps in the road because its not all peaches and cream but also, you have to believe in yourself and your brand. You have to love it no matter how much support you get. You may post on social media and get discouraged with the low responses. But remember that people may not like it, but they are watching and they will remember your business when the time comes that they're looking for what you're offering. Do not let that discourage you. Keep moving forward with the hard work. It will pay off.

Another tip from my own experience, is to keep records of your financials and make a budgeted plan. It is really easy to invest and spend money on your business, but when you do this, you must make every purchase count. There are numerous of businesses that fail due to poor budgeting. Don't overspend and don't put yourself in a bind, trying to keep the business afloat. I keep spreadsheets and planners that track my budgeting and spending. I am working on something that will help businesses with financials, keeping up with bills, budgets and expenses.

I am here to say, don't give up, don't quit, don't be afraid of failed plans as long as you're taking a lesson out of it. And don't forget to love your brand. Because if you don't... who will.

Check out this inspiring video from Will Smith and how he feels about failures.

XOXO Glam Marketing

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